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This may be the biggest financial decision of your life.

The biggest financial
decision of your life.

Compensation for the same role can differ by as much as $250,000 per year.
Salary negotiation for software engineers
Compensation for the same role can differ by as much as $250,000 per year.


1:1 support at every step — customized for you.

Verified Data

Software engineering salary negotiation
We've seen hundreds of verified offers allowing us to triangulate compensation ranges for your specific role.

Custom Scripts

Salary negotiation for software engineers
With a deep understanding of your unique situation, we outline what the recruiter will say and how you should respond.

Mock Negotiations

Software engineering salary negotiation
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Learn how to say the right thing under pressure via mock negotiations.

Live Guidance

Salary negotiation for software engineers
Recruiter throws a curve ball? No sweat. We will be on every call with you providing live guidance through chat.

Our clients love Moonchaser

The verified salary data with compensation bands for my role was incredibly helpful. Thanks for helping me get an extra $50K/yr!
L4 Software Engineer
Moonchaser got me above band approval and an additional $95K/yr. Best money I ever spent!

L7 Software Engineer
I still can't believe how accurate my script was. Wouldn't have been able to get $40K/yr more without Moonchaser.
M1 Software Manager
Moonchaser made me feel very comfortable throughout the negotiations and helped increase my offer by $40K/yr
IC3 Software Engineer

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We've helped candidates like you increase their offers by $45K per year, on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this confidential?


Yes, all verbal and written communication is fully confidential.

2. Do candidates really earn $45,000/yr in additional compensation?


The average software engineering candidate we work with receives a compensation increase of over $45,000 per year. This differs by role and experience level with some candidates getting more than $100,000 per year above their initial offer.

3. Will you help me negotiate non-monetary benefits?


Although we primarily focus on monetary benefits such as base salary, equity, and signing bonus, we are happy to help advise on how to negotiate non-monetary benefits (vacation days, green cards, etc.).

4. I don't have an offer yet. Should I still book a call?


Yes! Negotiations start before you have an official offer. During interviews, it is not abnormal for recruiters to ask about your current compensation or your salary expectations, which means the negotiation has already begun. Whether you are at the interview or offer stage, sign up for a call and we will see what support we can provide.

5. I am not located in the US. Can you still help me?


We currently support candidates in the US, Canada, and Europe. Feel free to message us if your region is not listed.